About Us

Established in 1981 Penhold & District Library has gone from a humble 340 square foot space to  6,230 square feet in the Penhold Multiplex.

By 2009, the Penhold & District Library was again experiencing the need for growth as the walls were literally bursting with resources and the building was a hub of activity offering programming for youth, young families and working and retired adults.   The library collection included 11,733 resources serving a membership of 696 individuals in of a community of 2,114. The Library had successfully connected with the community and was making a difference in creating a healthy neighbourhood in fulfillment of its motto “Fun for the Whole Family.”

The current chapter in the Penhold & District Library’s history is being written in the Penhold Regional Multiplex.  The Library expanded to 6,230 square feet of space when it relocated to the southwest corner of the multiplex facility in July 2010. 

The new location boasts a warm and welcoming environment with a fireplace lounge, comfortable seating, a program room for activities and a media centre with a large screen television and a WII.  In addition to fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults, the library collection includes DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, large print and audio books and newspapers.  

This reality was made possible by cooperation between the Town Council of Penhold and the Town of Penhold Library Board and their joint recognition and commitment to the value of library services to the community and district.


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