Olds Municipal Library

Cover to Cover

Nov 24, 2021 to Dec 14, 2022  |  Last Wednesday of each month | 10:00am

Cover to Cover Book Club | Last Wednesday of each month at 10:00am

Long running, volunteer led, drop in Book Club!

Cover to Cover is a long running, volunteer led, drop in book club that is open and welcome to anyone! Fancy a title? Join the conversation with others in the community, gaining insights, observations, and perspectives, and experience your book all over again!

This is a drop in program, no registration required.

Due to new COVID regulations, this program will be held outside! Please dress accordingly, we will provide an outdoor space heater if necessary. You are welcome to bring your own camping chair.

Starting OCTOBER 27TH at 10:00AM.

2021 Titles

NOVEMBER: Weight of Ink - Rachel Kadish

OCTOBER: The Gown - Jennifer Robson

General Library Use: As per the Alberta Health guidelines, the library will be implementing the following restrictions for general library use.

  • Masks are required for anyone over 2 years of age in accordance with the Alberta Mask Mandate  https://www.alberta.ca/masks.aspx in the library.
  • Physical Distancing is required while using the library space.
  • We will be operating at 1/3 fire capacity.
  • Proof of vaccination will not be required to enter the building.

Programming Restrictions for Libraries:
Library programs for youth under 18 can continue if they follow the guidance for youth activities, which include:

  1. Screen youth for symptoms prior to participation. (Which will require parental drop off)
  2. Maintain 2 meters physical distancing, except between youth who are engaged in a physical activity.
  3. Maintain masking indoors, except for youth who are engaged in a physical activity.
  • Youth programming that requires adult to support the youth (ex: a parent & tot story time) may continue under the guidance for youth activities, with the addition that adults must be masked at all times and remain 2 metres distanced from those outside their household at all times.
  • Programming which contains a mix of adult and youth, where the adults are not required to support the youth (ex: a book club), would follow the guidance for adult activities and would not be permitted to continue indoors.
  • Adult indoor programing is not able to continue indoors.